What is an Anagram?

Anagrams are a combination of any word or words that can be created using every letter in an existing word or phrase (known as the subject) exactly once by rearranging them. Anagrams are used in words games, comedy, and entertainment. They can be a very useful way to find alternative words you can play in a games like Scrabble, Words with Friends and other words games like Scrabble.

It is difficult to define what an Anagram is without examples.  A simple example of an anagram for scrabble would be “ADEIGLN” because as you can see below, once they are unscrambled they contain the anagrams “LEADING” and “ALIGNED.”  Some Scrabble, Words with Friends and other word game players make the mistake of finding a good play and taking their turn immediately.  As you can see from this example, after you find a good play attempt to find another one and pay attention to what bonus letter squares the word might be able to use so you can put your most valuable tile on that square.












When playing word games you sometimes encounter situations where you need to see what anagrams are at your disposal which is why Scrabble Professor created the anagram generator. It can be hard to unscramble the words as they are jumbled together and you may need something to help you unscramble the words or tiles. Using our anagram solver (also known as an anagram generator or word unscrambler) can assist you in finding all the possible anagrams within your tiles.

Outside of word games you will most likely see anagrams used in some sort of comedy reference relating to a current topic or person creating a parody, a criticism, or praise of the subject at hand.  Anagrams can also be used to conceal a secret message or identity.  It is a common occurrence for artists, writers, and actors to use anagrams in their works of art to reference themselves or specific subjects in secret  for instance William Shakespeare’s Hamlet is an anagram for the Danish Prince Amleth and Jim Morrison from the Doors used an anagram for himself in the song L.A. Woman calling himself “Mr. Mojo Risin.”  You can use  the anagram helper tool to help unscramble these types phrases outside of words games like Scrabble and Words with Friends for your own personal and creative needs.

Scrabble Professor’s Scrabble Solver and Words with Friends Cheat Application will include all the available anagrams for a word or set of tiles but they will also be mixed into all the other solutions as well which is why Scrabble Professor built the anagram generator so you can look for the anagrams specifically when you want to. If you are interested in seeing what anagrams are available for your scrabble tiles go ahead and use our free anagram helper to find out what anagrams you might have hidden in your Scrabble rack.

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