Lesson #4: Playing “S”

The S tile is a tile that you want to use carefully in Words with Friends and Scrabble.  There are only 4 S tiles available in any Scrabble game so you need to pay attention to how many have been played so you can figure out how many S tiles remain.  You can use the S tile to form two words at once by using the S tile as a “hook.” A “hook” are single letters that you can add to already played words to form other words.  Look out for “hook” tiles on your rack and the increased play choices that they provide in Scrabble or any other word game.

S is probably the most popular “hook” letter; however, other popular “hooks” are:

  • Y
  • E
  • D
  • R












When you use a “hook” then you get credit for the word you extended and the word you played that included that letter.  “Hook” letters are tiles that you should save and make sure you are using them wisely.  Some players recommend not using a S tile or any other “hook” tile unless you can earn at least 10 extra points by doing so.

Study the following Word Lists so you can use your “hook” letters wisely and win every word game that you play:

S Letter Word List

Y Letter Word List

E Letter Word List

D Letter Word List

R Letter Word List

“Hooks” definitely can help you increase your score and your opportunity to win Scrabble, Words with Friends and other word games that you play. “Hooks” can also help you play defensively such as playing FIELD instead of FIELDS when you know there are not longer any S tiles available to your competitors allowing you to play the S tile on FIELD for your next play. Attempt to use your “hook” tiles defensively in your next word game to increase your score and your choice of plays.

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