Lesson #3: 2-Letter Word List

2-Letter words are the building blocks of Scrabble, Words with Friends and other word games like Scrabble.  Studying the available 2-letter words can help you place tiles right next to already played tiles to get a maximum number of points even if you only have low value tiles on your rack.  Some players claim that learning these words can increase your score by as much as 45 points and give you the opportunity to win every game.  Learning these words can also make even the most crowded board look full of opportunities.

Some important 2-letter word combinations for Scrabble and Words with Friends that some players overlook are:

  • AA
  • OE
  • KA
  • HM
  • JO
  • XI
  • SH
  • MM












Scrabble Professor has a Scrabble Word Finder and a Words with Friends Cheat that you can use to help you start to recognize two letter word combinations.  Not only do our word solvers give you all the possible standalone words, but also they provide you the option to attach to an existing word.  When you input an existing word that you would like to attach to, you receive help in three forms: (1) possible ways to extend the existing word with the tiles that you have, (2) words that cross letters in the existing word from the tiles that you have and (3) words that can be played with the tiles that you have next to the existing word.  Using the Scrabble Word Helper and Words with Friends Helper can assist you in increasing your score and winning every game by teaching you in practice games the 2 letter word building blocks as well as helping you recognize all the different ways you can play on an existing word.

Study the following word list so you are not limited on your turn especially once the board starts to fill up:

2 Letter Word List

Take the time to study the top scoring 3-letter words because those can help you increase your play options as well.

Top Scoring 3 Letter Word List



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