Lesson #2 – Bonus Points

If you play all 7 of your tiles on a single turn in Scrabble, it is considered a “BINGO” which gives you a bonus of 50 points in addition to all the points you earned for that turn.  In Words with Friends 35 bonus points are awarded when you use all 7 tiles on your rack in a single turn.

Always look out for possible Bingo plays by learning common word endings and word beginnings.  If you learn to arrange the tiles on your rack effectively then you will be more likely to spot 7 letter words and therefore rack up the 50 point bonuses so you can win every Scrabble game, Words with Friends game or game like Scrabble.

Scrabble Professor’s Scrabble Word Solver and Words with Friends Helper can help you practice finding Bingo words by giving you a list of all the possible words that are available from your tile rack.  One of the most difficult situations in Scrabble, Words with Friends and other word games like Scrabble, is finding a Bingo word but not being able to find a place to play it.  The Scrabble Word Finder and Words with Friends Cheat helps you learn how to recognize new options to play words during your practice games by giving you options to extend an existing word, cross an existing letter, and playing next to an existing word.

Although Bingo words seem difficult to find, arranging the Scrabble tiles on your rack in particular ways can make Bingo words easier to find.  The most common word endings (suffixes) to look out for and place together on the end of your rack are:

  • -ING
  • -ERS
  • -IER
  • -IES
  • -ED
  • -ER
  • -ES
  • -INGS
  • -EST
  • -LY












The most common word beginnings (prefixes) to look out for and place together on the beginning of your rack are:

  • DE-
  • RE-
  • UN-
  • ANTI-
  • OUT-
  • PRE-
  • PRO-

Learn the following most common word families in the English language and look closely for these letter combinations on your rack to help assist you to find better words so you can win every game:

  • ACK
  • AIN
  • AKE
  • ALE
  • ALL
  • AME
  • AN
  • ANK
  • AP
  • ASH
  • AT
  • ATE
  • AW
  • AY
  • EAT
  • ELL
  • EST
  • ICE
  • ICK
  • IDE
  • IGHT
  • ILL
  • IN
  • INE
  • ING
  • INK
  • IP
  • IT
  • OCK
  • OKE
  • OP
  • ORE
  • OT
  • UCK
  • UG
  • UMP
  • UNK


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