Lesson #1: Scrabble Tiles

In order to win any game you have to know the rules of the game and master how to play.  Scrabble Professor wants to help you win every word game you play.  Our first lesson focuses on the Scrabble tiles.  You need to know what each tile’s value is and how many of that letter tiles there are available for each game.  Knowing how many tiles of a certain letter are left can help you make the right moves that you need to win every Scrabble game.

There are 100 Scrabble tiles in the English language version of Scrabble and the letter distribution is as follows:

  • 12 tiles – E
  • 9 tiles – A, I
  • 8 tiles – O
  • 6 tiles – N, R, T
  • 4 tiles – D, L, S, U
  • 3 tiles – G
  • 2 tiles – B, C, F, H, M, P, V, W, Y, Blank
  • 1 tile – J, K, Q, X, Z

The point value system for each scrabble tile is as follows:

  • Blank – 0 points
  • A, E, I, O, U, L, N, S, T, R – 1 point
  • D, G – 2 points
  • B, C, M, P – 3 points
  • F, H, V, W, Y – 4 points
  • K – 5 points
  • J, X – 8 points
  • Q, Z – 10 points

Memorizing word lists containing the most valuable tiles will increase your Scrabble score and help you win every Scrabble game. Here are some helpful links to word lists that you should focus on becoming familiar with:

Q words

Q without U

Z words


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